What are wounds?

They are the living dead. They are stuff that happened in the past and were supposed to die a long time ago, but they are still alive and kicking and making trouble and trying to eat you and your money! The wounds gobble up your inheritance. The wounds are there...

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Prophetic word

There is a new anointing falling from heaven. I see huge perfectly formed drops of thick golden oil falling from heaven and landing on certain people. God is doing a new thing and in those drops are assignments and the dunamis power to fulfill them. Your destiny...

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Prayer for a broken heart – Joan Hunter

PRAYER FOR A BROKEN HEART Put hands on heart Father in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing and I speak brand new hearts Father hearts that we long to have Completely healed and whole Father I thank you for mending all the broken hearts Father I curse any...

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Is your life in turmoil?

I have a picture that may be applicable to one or to many. Receive it if you witness with it. I see a very calm river. You are in a little boat, relaxed, floating down the river. All of a sudden you reach a rapid and as you go down your boat overturns and you...

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Pastor Grace's church in Kayabwe, ENTEBBE has had to be extended 4 times since they opened Healing Rooms. The people of Kayabwe have been made aware of healing and healings are happening everywhere. Nine important Government officials have joined Pastor Grace's...

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More from Joan Hunter

CANCER RESIDES IN THE LYMPH NODES Discovery trauma resides in your lymph nodes That's why with breast cancer they remove lymph nodes around the affected areas, as all trauma of stress and worry gets stored in lymph nodes throughout your body When you get cancer...

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