This word was released by the personal intercessor of Randy Clarke’s ministry – Global Awakening
South Africa it is time to Arise!

Your hour of deliverance is nigh.

For the Lord has called you to be a mighty sheep nation.

A nation of justice and truth. A people who know the voice of the Shepherd. Those who follow His will. Those who go where His path leads. Those who lead others to green pastures and still waters.

Arise Beautiful Bride, South Africa.

For the Lord has called you to feed the nations from His abundance.

He has called you to take the homeless poor into your heart.

He has chosen you to love and feed the masses, for He has blessed you to be a blessing.

You are a Joseph Storehouse South Africa.

The Lord is releasing wisdom to you. This wisdom brings regional transformation.

Winds of Hope are bringing change.

Angelic might and power is being released to you.

Seek to know My Name, says the Lord, for I will come to you. I will fill you so you will overflow. You are to be an outpouring of hope and grace. Remember to always seek My face. To seek My kingdom first. Everything you need will come from Me.

Seek My righteousness and I will clothe you in my grace gifts and power.

Humble yourself and I will come to you.

My promises to you are faithful and true.

I have called you be my bread-basket and to be a people of living hope to all of Africa.

It’s not just about those who take, but to arise and be those who give and give and give that you might live in the abundance of My life.

I am the plumb line aligning you.

I am the tuning fork fine-tuning you.

I am the fire in this revival that is blowing across this land.

The movement of My heart is this awakening. Don’t quench the fire. I am bringing healing and salvation.

South Africa:

· Embrace My ways
· Let Me move in fullness
· Don’t stop the flow or shut off the valve of Holy glory oil and fire.
For I am releasing a river of My presence to wash over this land. My life-giving river will heal every dry place.

This is My desire, an awakening of love.

I will fuel your hearts with faith.

I will cause you to arise on winds of Hope are bringing change.

I am Wisdom, I am at the gate and I am releasing transformation.
I declare it so.