With Christ in the school of prayer

Excerpt... This hearing the voice of God is more than the thoughtful study of the Word. One can study and receive knowledge of the Word having little real fellowship with the living God. But there is also a reading of the Word, in the very presence of the Father...

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Transcend Barriers

I sense the Lord saying…… You are finding yourself on the verge of a beautiful green meadow and there is a wobbly picket fence in front of you that you keep looking into, but you see it as an obstacle that you cannot transcend. The meadow is greener on the other...

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Healing Rooms Spreading Israel

It started with the words, “I believe, I believe.” Now, it’s an international healing movement with prayer rooms opening most recently in Israel. “We’re excited with what the Lord is doing in His nation,” says Healing Room Ministries Co-Director Dottie Kane. She and her husband […]

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