About Us

Our vision is to see God’s love and glory manifest here on earth, through:

  • Re-establishing healing and restoration as a normal part of Christian ministry throughout the world;
  • Uniting, healing and restoring the body of Christ, to prepare for the end-time harvest;
  • Reaching all South Africans, as well as the nations of Africa, with the ministry of healing and restoration, so that all are brought to the fullness of salvation, impacting the whole person and all of creation– spirit, soul and body (1 Thess 5:23).
  • Fulfilling  our mandate to free creation, and by extension society, from decay and corruption. (Rom 8:19-23)

Healing Africa is committed to:

  • Healing, teaching, equipping and releasing believers into the healing and restoration  ministry according to Mark 16:17-18;
  • Bringing unity to the body of Christ by encouraging the development of multi-denominational, multi-cultural networks of believers;
  • Establishing training centres for the equipping of people and releasing them into their calling.