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Kris Valloton September 17, 2015As discussed in previous blogs (Silencing Shame and Disconnecting Shame), shame is feeling unworthy. Guilt says, “I did a bad thing,” while shame says, “I am bad.”Shame has many faces, conveying varying messages of ill being, coaxing its victims into secrecy, silence, and blame – condemning them to eek out a […]

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I HEAR HIS WHISPER… “Set your heart on Me.”

The shining of My love upon you is the Light that guides, warms, nourishes, and strengthens. Turn your heart to the light of My love, and I will pull the “weeds” from your garden that hinder our fruit from coming forth. When you turn to Me, I will accomplish what all your strivings have not—I […]

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Leaving pain behind -Kris Vallotton

PROPHETIC WORD FOR A NEW SEASON: LEAVING PAIN BEHIND September 27, 2017When I was at the Heaven Come Conference in LA this past weekend I felt like God spoke to me about some very specific things, including the subject of pain. There’s something profoundly available in this season for people to walk out of pain […]

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