POWERFUL decrees over your day

Command the Morning as you begin your day, this prayer helps to align your life with the blessings of the Lord and stops the insidious incursion of the enemy in our lives. ———P R A Y E R ———(Original by Grant Mahoney with major revisions by Jacquelin Hanselman)...

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How to live life.

Live every day according to what you believe, not according to what you experience. God's nature is not just something He inspires in us, it is actually His personal confidence He gives to us. It is not possible to get where God has invited us into without...

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You are a masterpiece of God’s love

Your limitations are invitations for My power to deliver you. I will never fail you or disappoint you. My promises are rainbows of hope that cover you. My declarations over your life are greater than your heartache. Your tears are liquid words that I read and...

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Old & New wine skins

The RELIGIOUS SPIRIT IS LIKE THE OLD WINESKIN OLD WINE SKIN. NEW WINE SKIN Beg. Declare Pray hard. Pray believing Many words. Few words Talk about problem. Talk to the problem Stop devil & curses. Release God & blessing Focus on the problem Focus on test &...

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Freedom is simple, yet we tend to complicate it by continuing to deal with our sin nature. When God looks at us, He cannot see anything wrong, only what is missing.12 He is in the business of strategic life exchanges: new for old, and He never requires us to look...

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