Jesus healing rays by Gwen Shaw

I marveled at his faith in Me. I sent My healing rays into the body of the sick man, and he was immediately healed. The centurion did'nt get his miracle because he thought he deserved it, nor will you, but because you know who I am, My great love for you and My...

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Pursuing divine health

The Holy Spirit is such a lover of people that when you turn your heart of affection towards Him He shows up Our interaction with the Holy Spirit is everything our hearts cry out for He is the One who reveals Jesus, who reveals Father to us It's the Holy Spirit...

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1. Does God ever cause sickness? 2. Does God ever choose not to heal? 3. What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? Does God ever cause sickness? JC was sleeping in the bottom of the boat in the middle of a life-threatening storm. He was sleeping cos the world He was...

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Prophecy 2016 from Johnny Enlow

Vision of 50 ft. Blue Wave, Invasion of the Lord and Angels" by Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA A couple nights ago, while at worship at Higher Vision Church here in Valencia, CA, I had an amazing vision. I first saw an immense blue wave coming in and I instantly...

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Government of Honour by Paul Manwaring

Jesus will judge nations by their ability to recognize Christ in the least. Winston Churchill said “You can tell the state of a nation by the state of its prisons.” That is what Jesus said, give or take, because He said, “I can tell the state of a nation by how...

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Rhema is a revelation given into your mind (thoughts and imagination) that releases hope (joyful expectation), and hope can produce faith. When faith is birthed, then that which has entered your mind can begin to manifest. DR ROBIN The truth of that...

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