Put hands on heart
Father in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing and I speak brand new hearts
Father hearts that we long to have
Completely healed and whole
Father I thank you for mending all the broken hearts
Father I curse any form
Of trauma that we have experienced in our life and the effect that trauma has had on , our heart, our body our digestive system
Father I speak health and wholeness in Jesus name
From the top of their head to the souls of your feet in Jesus name
Place your hand over your forehead and eye area
Father right now in the name of Jesus I command all of those bad memories to be erased from their mind from their eyes just from different torments and different things that they have experienced
Father wipe it away
Father wipe it away and
Father as now I put my hands in the spirit realm all the way down their body take out all the cellular memory of the pain
Only let the good remain
And Father I speak peace from the top of their head to the soles of their feet
I see waterfalls of peace just coming over you and flowing over you and consuming you with peace that you have not experienced possibly ever in your life that you can remember
And so Father I speak peace in Jesus name
I speak health
I speak restoration
Father let us no longer feed our diseases with our pain
Our heartache, Our worries, the trauma and the stress
We give it all to You
In Jesus name