Pastor Grace’s church in Kayabwe, ENTEBBE has had to be extended 4 times since they opened Healing Rooms.

The people of Kayabwe have been made aware of healing and healings are happening everywhere.

Nine important Government officials have joined Pastor Grace’s church in the last few months as a direct result of the anointing resting on that church now.

During the training in October 2014, we did Healing Crusades in the bush. Some witch doctors proclaimed that the white people who did the crusades would die because his supporters, being tormented with witchcraft, were all healed. Whole families have come to know the LORD.

Pastor Grace is a real go-getter and has held 6 Healing Crusades in the bush since October. He says, “We have a mandate from the Holy Spirit and do a Healing Crusade every month.

Pastor Grace has a slot on Radio Uganda and once a month shares testimonies over the air to give God the glory!

The churches around the Shalom Healing Rooms are in such disbelief about all the healing testimonies that they are spreading rumors that people are being healed by water spirits.
They cannot understand the supernatural realm and that it is heaven is invading the earth!

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