Discovery trauma resides in your lymph nodes
That’s why with breast cancer they remove lymph nodes around the affected areas, as all trauma of stress and worry gets stored in lymph nodes throughout your body
When you get cancer you see yourself dying
Now after this kind of prayer you get to see yourself living and restored!
Respect what the doctor says, but cut the words off yourself
What you receive in your ears will affect your spirit.

In a lot of pain
Left breast can’t use left arm
Does not want chemo
Grief and trauma caused that
Been blaming yourself
didn’t pray hard enough
didn’t fast hard enough etc
Suffered grief 16 yrs ago
We take on a lot of responsibility for others
First pray for guilt etc before prayer for cancer
Curse any form of trauma in this body
I command every bit of it to go
I curse the spirit of grief, guilt and worry in Jesus name
I command every bit of that to go
Curse spirit of guilt and trauma to go
I curse all trauma out of the lymph nodes
I command all of the trauma to leave the lymph nodes to leave this body
Command it to go
Curse all traces of cancer to go
Curse pain, every bit of pain, spirit of pain,
Curse cancer to leave and not come back
I speak restored health and life in Jesus name
Command all cellular memory of the pain to go from body in Jesus name
Thank you Jesus
Test lifting arm
Thank you Jesus

If you had any kind of sexual trauma
Be sure to curse any form of trauma in the upper legs and to curse any trauma that has settled in those lymph nodes
Effect of that prayer is amazing
Lymph nodes get freed of any kind of trauma

Root of smoking is rebellion
Renounce any rebellion
Any area of life giving up rebellion is key
Father I repent for spirit of rebellion
I dont want it in my life anymore
It is sin
Take it from me now
Put it on the cross of Jesus Christ
And on the day of judgment
And no accusations against me
In Jesus name I renounce all rebellion
Thank You Jesus
Father I lay my cigarettes on the alter
because I don’t need them anymore
Thank you Jesus

Curse all trauma in joints
Curse cellular memory to leave
Command cartilage to return between vertebra and to grow in Jesus name
Curse any form of scoliosis in Jesus name
Body to go into proper alignment in Jesus name
Height to be restored on Jesus name

Pain in the UPPER BACK
Stretch out the arms with the hands together. If one arm is shorter, pray for arm to lengthen
Curse any form of trauma
Speak healing into the shoulders Speak health and wholeness to shoulder/upper back area.