Be Encouraged


Freedom is simple, yet we tend to complicate it by continuing to deal with our sin nature.

When God looks at us, He cannot see anything wrong, only what is missing.12
He is in the business of strategic life exchanges: new for old, and He never requires us to look at the old. He wants us to lay it aside, put it in the grave and never dig it up again.2

He is not dealing with our sin any more because Jesus dealt with that at Calvary. He who never experienced sin, was made sinful on our behalf, so that we could become the righteousness of God in Him. This is absolutely brilliant!

He is only teaching our new man how to live in His righteousness by only focusing on our righteousness in Christ.3 That’s what He’s dealing with!
He has made Jesus our wisdom, righteousness, and lifestyle of practical holiness. He is our full atonement and freedom.

He does not deal with our fear, He comes as perfect love and overwhelms fear. In our anxiety, He offers a new place of rest and renewal instead. In our worry, He focuses only on our fresh revelation of peace.3

God does not help us work on our anger because it is dead; instead He empowers us to become gentle. He displaces irritation with patience, bitterness with gratitude, and turns sorrow into joy.

The old has passed away, and He is only working on the new, real and true us in Jesus.
Since freedom is His nature; it’s also ours.