The Holy Spirit is such a lover of people that when you turn your heart of affection towards Him He shows up

Our interaction with the Holy Spirit is everything our hearts cry out for

He is the One who reveals Jesus, who reveals Father to us
It’s the Holy Spirit who is directing us towards everything God is saying
Everything we ache for in life is actually found in that intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit
We should desire to be a tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit
Alongside that desire should be the passion for Devine health because HEALING is good but HEALTH is better

Sickness is in the world because sin is in the world, but it’s not necessarily directed to an action of yours
The challenge we face is Israel in the wilderness had Devine health
They lived without sickness for 40 years and it is not God’s heart for an inferior covenant to provide a superior blessing
It would be against everything that Christ did to have what He did not quite reach to what a grace that operated under the law provided for Iarael
It’s a complete error to think that The Lord Himself could not accomplish through the cross that which was provided in a moment of grace under the law

So The Lord Himself has provided something that we call Devine health and I pray that I am alive to see more of the manifestation of this Devine health
Sometimes we take risks that don’t work but they are steps that create momentum
It’s a momentum of faith
It’s a momentum of the Spirit of God into the hearts and minds of people
It’s a momentum of invading culture and seeing things change and shift because courage gets stirred up
You can’t have courage and not have it affect something
You may not always get the breakthrough you dreamed of or what you were pursuing, but you can’t walk in courage and demonstrate faith and it not have some domino effect in the spirit realm as some things are released for people to experience in the days ahead

And this generation possibly has time to walk into this realm called Devine health or maybe the next generation will but
we will create the momentum for them to experience it.
We will create the passion, the focus, the direction
This is what Jeaus purchased
He made this available for us

Romans 8v11
Give life to our mortal bodies
As we are spirit, soul and body the Holy Spirit intentionally works to sanctify each part of the human makeup, the physical body, spirit and the soul
The Holy Spirit lives inside of you
How then can the Spirit of the resurrected Christ dwell in us and not have it affect our health?
What shuts down the anointing?
What shuts down the affect?
The anointing for healing is how we serve the world and minister to the lost

People come to Christ because of the miracle of healing
The ideal is for us to experience the result of the abiding presence of the resurrected Christ
John G lake lived during a horrible plague
Romans 8:11
The same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of us, and if that same Holy Spirit lives in us, He will heal our mortal bodies.

What seperates the spirit and the body?
The effect of the spirit on the body has to do entirely with the soul
There is a bridge
In Jesus ministry He goes and ministers the gospel in Nazareth
People started to get healed and He said things that stunned the crowd and yet they sat there analyzing what He was doing and the people in the temple said, “Hang on we know this guy, we know his family. How is it that these words of wisdom can come from him and these signs should follow?”
And they were intellectually offended
The mind not only shut down their capacity to receive from God,
It shut down the anointing on the Son of God Himself
Mental offense
Unbelief partnered with the spirit of offense until there was a complete shut down of the anointing in that room and the conclusion was Jesus could do no mighty works there except heal a few sick people.
So what is it that can shut down the effect?

It’s not just the effect of the HS upon me so that I can pray for people and see them healed or delivered but the real interaction is out of friendship, it’s out of intimacy.
I t’s out of giving Him place,
It’s out of the whole privileged role of giving honour where it’s due and that’s to the HS himself that when He moves we move,
when he’s still we’re still that
when he speaks we speak that
when courage stirs up in us because the sp of courage came, we take steps we listen to how moves.
Miracles happen just cos the Presence
The atmosphere of the HS changes the issues in people’s lives and makes them whole!
As God wants to increase His manifest Presence in this room, so He wants it to increase in this temple in us
He wants us to learn how to interact with Him until the spirit of the resurrected Christ can work in and through our thought life and our emotions
Thought life can be in contradiction to what the spirit of God is wanting to do
What happens then, is that our body does not take on the effect
What happens is if the HS is in me and He obviously wants to destroy any infirmity in my body and yet I entertain thoughts of rage and hostility.
Whats happening is that My body will actually yield to my soul.
The Holy Spirit is wanting to release life into the mortal body, but the soul is in opposition to the nature of the Spirit
Then what happens?
The body takes on the nature of the soul
Your personal triumph will come when you take time in the Presence of The Lord, not through listening to a sermon, but through personal revelation that will see the power of the redirected Christ within you.
He gives life to your mortal body
We will hear far more testimonies when we learn to allow the Spirit of God to take on full effect and impact on the realm of heabodyguard
And it’s not just physical health, it’s emotional, it’s mental it’s every single area.