It started with the words, “I believe, I believe.” Now, it’s an international healing movement with prayer rooms opening most recently in Israel.

“We’re excited with what the Lord is doing in His nation,” says Healing Room Ministries Co-Director Dottie Kane. She and her husband, Richard, are the International Association of Healing Rooms national advisers for Israel.

“We believe through healing miracles, signs and wonders, Jewish people will return to their Messiah,” Kane says. “It’s a fresh revelation to them, and we believe God is going to bring many Jewish people into his kingdom.”

The healing is a direct result of Kane’s victory over kidney cancer in the early 1990s. Prophet James Goll told Kane, “what I won personal victory in, I would have the authority to give away to others, and now hundreds have been healed from cancer!”

When a healing room opens in a new Israeli city, word of mouth will spread and Jews will pour in, asking for prayer in everything from finances to marriages to physical ailments and leave with baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Kanes initially made contact with Israeli partners in September 2012, and took their first trip to Israel February 2013.

“When we met with key leaders in Israel, the Lord gave to us 1 Corinthians 1:22,” Kane says. “The Jews demand, or require, a sign.” And to Kane, that sign is the miracle of healing.

Now, they have healing rooms in Jerusalem, Rishon Letzion, Galilee, Ashkelon and one opening soon in Haifa.

The rooms are operated by both Israelis and noncitizens, including a medical doctor and Russian Jews. The goal, Kane says, is to raise up Israelis to run the prayer rooms themselves, imparting prayer and gifts of ministry.

“The more different we are from one another that unity becomes a supernatural act,” according to one of the Israeli healing room websites. “We are being built into a building of living stones. Each stone is different in make-up, form and content, yet the ‘cement’ that keeps us together is the love of God poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”

“It’s exciting to see what God is doing—using ordinary people. We are nobody special,” Kane says. Yet these nobodies are pursuing God’s chosen people with abandon, praying for breakthrough, revival and miracles among the Jewish population.

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