I listened to a podcast about the walls of Jerico falling after the 7th day and sensed that we need to do an activation to break open the 7th day in our lives.

I wonder how many times a miracle seed has been conceived and aborted through our conversation ?

It was their conversation that kept them out of the Promise land 40 years earlier

Walked round walls of Jerico 6 day and seventh day walked around 7 th time and SHOUTED
Then the walls fell
I feel today is the 7 th day for some of you. You’ve been walking and walking Round something in your life and been contending for breakthrough for a long time and I sense tonight is the time of breakthrough because God is the God of breakthrough

Baal Perazim
Have a picture that some of you are pursuing something that appears to be so easy to attain, but you just can’t get hold of it

They walked round Jerico in silence once a day for 6 days. On seventh day they walked around 7x and blew the trumpets and everyone shouted and the walls broke
After the silence their first shout was a shout of praise and victory


God has promised breakthrough cos He is the God of breakthrough
Today is the seventh day in many of your lives

We going to pray for these 4 things in your own life or in the lives of others and we are going to shout A shout of praise and I believe God will breakthrough wherever your need is in any one or in all 4 areas in our lives

Together we are an army and today the walls in our lives will fall as our praise goes up
That obstacle between you and your victory is going to fall flat at the shout

A tidal wave of blessing will touch everyone in this room today

Stand this is the seventh day
Increase the favor Lord

Declare over people this is your 7th day this us your day of breakthrough

Lift up another shout to the Lord!

Today is your seventh day!

You are going to change and you will never be the same again