PRAYER IS Working WITH God to see His kingdom purposes come
We have to discern where the conflict is when we enter the realm of prayer
Daniel ch 10 prayed 21 days.
He was heard from 1st day but there was demonic resistance in the spiritual realm preventing answers coming through.
When we begin praying we engage heaven and are also being engaged by the demonic realm.
There’s a resistance with what we are asking and what God wants to do.
There’s conflict when we start praying.
When we don’t get answers it’s not because God is not releasing them, BUT BECAUSE OF CONFLICT

The Conflict we are in initially is
We have to know where the conflict is
The protocol of a courtroom is different from protocol in battlefield
Where is the conflict?
Who has encountered backlash?
Instead of encountering breakthrough you get backlash


If we have legal things in place first we can march onto the battlefield and win.
But if we do not have legal things in place first the enemy has a legal right to come and get us.

Rev 19:11
I saw heaven open and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on him was calledFaithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.
In righteousness …
The bible says that before Jesus marches forward He gets judicial things in place.
I have to know how to get judgments in place in the Courtroom of God before I can go onto the battlefield

I have to get things in place first to prevent suffering backlash
He judges then He makes war

Luke 18 1-8
Men are to always pray and not to lose heart
Purpose of this prayer was for Jesus to encourage them.
Jesus releases a secret to them so that they could be effective in prayer, so that they could understanding how to pray
Jesus taught them the parable about the Widow who came to the evil wicked judge and says “get justice for me”
She keeps asking and eventually the Judge says, “You’re going to wear me out so I’ll concede.”
Jesus puts prayer into judicial system
If she got verdict from an unrighteous judge how much more won’t we get answers from God?
There are 3 issues here:
1. Here Jesus puts prayer in a judicial system and that judicial system is heaven.
He says when you pray you are stepping into a judicial system, because that is where judges operate.
He says if she can get a verdict from an unrighteous judge, how much more will we get a verdict from the righteous Judge that we serve. Jesus puts prayer in a judicial system-heaven.
2. At no time does this woman address her adversary, she only speaks to the Judge.
She never curses, binds or looses.
She realizes her success lies in a verdict from the Judge and not having to do anything with the adversary.
She realizes that if she gets a verdict from the Judge that will incapacitate the adversary and he will be dealt with.
She understands that the conflict of prayer is not on a battlefield where she has to do hand to hand warfare against her adversary.
She realizes that the real conflict is getting a judgement from a courtroom that will incapacitate the adversary so that she wins the victory and gets the justice she’s crying for.
That changes the way we think.
Once you get judgements in place from the courtroom you can start to make decrees and declarations against the adversaries and they will have to obey you because now there are legal precedents in place that will cause that to happen.
To do that without legal things in place is to fail.
The woman never addressed the adversary she only spoke to the judge because she realized that she needed a legal rendering from the court to allow her victory over her adversary.
3. And will God not avenge his elect speedily? Robert has experienced that when he gets off the battlfield and into the courtroom things have happened almost immediately.
Suddenly it was not about spending more time in prayer or striving, it was about learning secrets.

Sometimes as a church we say if only we pray more, if only we do more, something will happen and we birth a spirit of striving sometimes in the church.
We don’t need to learn to strive, we need to learn secrets.
Secrets employed can bring results in areas that we have labored over for a long time

His son Adam was a youth pastor. He had done well but his wife and child left him to go back to her mom. She divorced him.
This threw Adam into a serious state of depression for over 2 years. Robert, his dad, prayed, tried to encourage him, to break the depression. He also yelled, cried, screamed out to God! He bound, he loosed, but nothing worked.
One day he went to prayer and heard God say, “Bring Adam to My courts.”

He said, “Father I bring Adam into Your courts before Your courtroom of grace and mercy and I want to present him to you.”
Robert knew there was an accuser according to Rev 12 v 10-11 that is accusing us before God day & night. He knew the accuser had accusations he was bringing against Adam. So as Adam’s father and as an intercessor he began to repent for Adam’s faithlessness, for his unbelief, for him not embracing God’s grace and he repented for everything the accuser could be using against Adam in this situation and resisting what God wanted to do for him. So he just began to repent.
That’s what we do in the courts of heaven
We repent, because we are seeking to give God the legal
right as Judge to grant his father’s passion.
His father’s passion for his son was for Adam not to be in this situation.
He knew that there was something holding him.
So he, the dad, Robert, began to repent for everthing the accuser was using against Adam.
And all of a sudden Robert just felt a release in the prayer.
Then the Lord said to him
“Now YOU repent for all the negative things you have said about Adam in your frustration.”
Because you are an authority in his life, the devil is taking your words and using them as testimony in the courts of heaven against Adam.
Because you are an authority in his life, the things you have said about his life in frustration to his mother or to anyone else, the devil hears those words, takes those words and uses them and says, “Even his own father says this about him.”
So he began to repent before the court of heaven for the things he had said that actually had given the enemy amunition to use against Adam in the courts in heaven.
Everything the Lord brought to mind he repented of.
Then Robert felt a release
Then he heard the Lord saying
“Because that has all been broken, now begin to declare his destiny over him.”
He began to prophesy into Adam’s spirit as though he was standing infront of him. He began speaking destiny over him.
Maybe it took 20-30 minutes
10 days later Adam called him and said I don’t know what happened but 10 days ago all depression left and I’m now ready to pursue what God has for me.
He is now on staff in a church thriving in the Kingdom.