I feel this year has been an acceleration in the spiritual realm but I see this pace is now picking up speed, with greater knowledge greater experiences and greater happenings in the spiritual. God is opening new things in heavenly realms, new things are being birthed in the spirit and downloaded directly into His peoples hearts and lives. I see a new heaven and a new earth in the process of being birthed. There is a tightening in the natural realm, like a bracing for something about to happen. God is tuning His beloved bride’s ears, hearts and minds to hear His voice so clearly as He gives clear direction. It is not in the accomplishments of this world, but in the spiritual world as society is about to be turned upside down and inside out. I see people scrambling for sense and purpose and in that confusion lies the peace of Gods people.
I see now as a time of deep preparation, as God is calling those who hear to rest in a deeper and newer way in Him. He demands a time of alone time as He washes our hearts and minds in all that is of Him. The time is coming when His people will only hear His heart and His direction, but to get there His bride needs to be clothed in the rest that only He brings. A deep deep sense of His majesty and purpose. It is a time of stopping and refocusing on systems and all that we know.
His people are called back to nature and the importance of who we were created to be and what we were created with.
Simple things are now moving Into the light and shall replace the things man once thought as important. Homes shall now become the light in the darkness. God is pinpointing and illuminating His people, as He draws us, He calls us by name, by the purpose for which He created us each in our unique way and He prepares us for what He is preparing in the spiritual.
It is like a loud clanging as things are falling into place.
Be prepared My people, be prepared!! When u hear My call, stop and come into My presence and My rest. Just come as I call, and I will show u, I will speak to You, to each one who knows Me by name, I come. I come I come. I reveal My plans ahead. Rest in Me rest in My presence and allow My Holy Spirit to wash u, to wash over u, to fill u, to envelop u as u wait on Me. Just come to Me.
Eyes will be opened and ears will hear, clearly, churches be prepared for the reaping of the spirit as people seek a sense if purpose and reason. Spiritual things cannot be reasoned, it’s about wisdom in ad intuition in My kingdom, yet they will come to seek, to find answers. They will find Me. Churches be ready, be prepared for the harvest … It is coming where the chaff is separated and people who are there will seek Me in spirit and truth