Leading like Moses

MOSES was the meekest leader. Leading over 1 million people. He lead by exalting God. No matter what task you put your hand to, you must exalt the name of the Lord. Before you make any major decisions, go before the Lord, lay everything down and worship Him until His presence comes down and then make enquiry of Him. If every leader were to make decisions from the presence, we would have a lot less problems. Every decision we make bears a consequence for good or for evil.
David at Ziklag, when circumstances were chaotic, he drew aside and enquired of the Lord. David was such a skilled leader he could have made his own decisions for the good before him, but he chose to go before the Lord to get the wisdom of God on what to do. Whatever decision you have to make, whether for work or business or ministry or private, go into the presence of the Lord and receive His heart, receive His green light, receive His mind. Whenever you go into the presence of the Lord and your answer does not come, just keep going back in, pressing in to receive what you need from God. Success in leadership depends on how much we rely on the Leader of Leaders who knows all things.
Lean not on your own understanding.
Patricia King