As a man thinks so he will become! Imagination is a picture and pictures can lead us to our destiny. So as people start seeing themselves as sick, they start seeing those thoughts as truth and it becomes a reality to them.

We were created in the image of God and in the imagination of God. He had a plan for us. He wants us and has made us to see beyond our circumstances and see as He sees.
Eph 1:17-18
Open the eyes of my understanding means: I pray that the eyes of your heart would be able to take a picture so that you would know what is the hope of your calling. God wants us to implant in our hearts an image of what He has in store for us.
Once we start looking the way God sees people, we will see them healed and will see what God has in store for them.
But a sick person bought into another image which was not the image of God.
The devil comes and gives you an image of yourself , one where you see failure, and accept negative words spoken over you, that created a wrong image and thus a wrong imagination and we have the wrong picture of ourselves.

How does the imagination fit in with physical healing?
In a meeting there was a sick woman who needed prayer.
Kerry did not know nor needed to know what her problem was.
He said to the people I want you to see what it looks like for you to be healed. You can live with God and within His imagination. Kerry gave her a prophetic word and said, “May the portion and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be yours.”
Then he said to everyone don’t go back to your seat until faith has entered your heart. I want you to see yourself pain free.
Look for the glory, don’t look for the pain.
Sometimes people say, move your arm and see if it’s still painful. We look for the pain, but he wanted them to see themselves healed.

She went back to her seat and felt something happening.
She had MS and was incapacitated, on heavy medication and found it difficult to do just small things for her family.
She went back to the doctor, convinced him to do another MRI. They compared the before and after MRI results and could not find any lesions of MS in her body. They did the test over again to make quite sure the instrument was not malfunctioning. She could see herself again as she was before she had MS.

I only do what I see My Father doing play into this?
With imagination. When you are able to see that God has a plan, even in the midst of chaos and confusion, He can help walk you through it in peace because imagination helps you to see what He sees and not that momentary fixation of panic when we focus on what we see.

PS 34 says “Glorify the Lord with me”
Make the Lord bigger than anything else

If you are told by your doctor that you have high pressure, turn to the Lord God who did not give you high blood pressure, and magnify Him. The God who hears is the God who supplies everything.
Be careful not to magnify the problem and in turn magnify the devil instead of magnifying God.