They are the living dead. They are stuff that happened in the past that were supposed to die a long time ago, but they are still alive and kicking and making trouble and trying to eat you and your money! The wounds gobble up your inheritance. The wounds are there controlling our will.
We need to get our wounds healed so that we can prosper and be in good health.
When your soul prospers you are going to be free to make right decisions.
Wounds within your soul control your mind, will and emotions
Phil Whickam sings, Heal the desert in my soul
Isaiah 53 Jesus died for our sins in our soul

Mark 8:16
Jesus took our sins and infirmities
Infirmity is weakness of soul
You CAN believe that your souls will be healed because Jesus died for your soul
Jesus blood washes out the sin in your soul

Acts 10:38
God anointed Jesus to heal everyone

3 John 2
Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health just as your soul prospers
When your soul gets healed your physical body gets healed

Pray for people’s souls to be healed

Jesus power-dynamics comes to us through the resurrection

We get dynamism through the resurrection

Heb 9
Blood cleanses us from our sin
The blood is for our sin
But sin wounds you
Sin wounds your soul and you need the power that comes through the resurrection to heal the wounds caused from the sin

The BLOOD cleanse away our sin
The POWER of the resurrection heals the wounds of the sin

You need them both
Jesus paid a penalty for pain and sickness
But without the resurrection that payment would not be put into effect
You need the CROSS and the RESURRECTION
If you only pray for your sins to be removed you are praying only half of what Jeaus did for you
You need the blood of the cross to take away your sins and you need the dunamis, the power of the resurrection to heal you

The blood cleanses the sin
Sin wounds the soul
Dunamis power heals the wound that came from the sin

We pray forgive me Lord and forgive anyone who has sinned against me then we leave and we still sick
Now you should say Lord I have been baptized in Christ I went down into the cross with Him but I also came up with him in NEW LIFE in the resurrection
There is not only DEATH in the cross, but there also is LIFE in the resurrection
We need everything Jeaus did for us

You have already had access to the blood and to this dunamis power that came from the resurrection but you have not been stepping into it
You have not been decreeing that your soul is excellent
You have not being praying for your soul to be healed by the dunamis and you are still sick and still broke and still getting divorced and you still having major issues in your life, because you have only partaken half of what Jesus did for you on the cross
We have to start praying that our souls are healed with dunamis power
That is biblical

Ephesians 3:16
Strengthened with power in the inner man-that is the soul
Paul says be strong with power/dunamis in the inner man which is your soul
Then you will be strengthened in the soul

I command my soul to be filled with dunamis
I decree that I have new life in the resurrection of the cross
I decree I am excellent of soul
I decree every wound inside of me has been healed right now
I have the power of dunamis
I decree I am being filled with dunamis in the inner man right now

We’ve been missing the second step
Some people would repent over and over again but nothing happens
They would still be mad at that person or still be sick or still have the same problem in their life because they still have the wound there
It was making them sick
Still have the problem in their life
We have to get healed INSIDE
Our spirit man is not the problem, it’s our SOUL

Mark 8:16
Infirmity means weakness of the body and soul
That is your legal right to get healed
Jesus died for your soul not just for your sin or physical sickness that’s afflicting you
But for your sickness that’s afflicting you in your soul
You have a right to believe and put your faith on your soul being healed

Leviticus 17
For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your SOULS; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the SOUL
The blood atones for the soul
Jesus blood actually washed away every sin that could ever wound your soul
Whether you sinned against yourself or someone else or even your ancestors sin that made a wound in your soul and passed it down to you.
Whenever you get healing for your soul you always start with the blood

Dear Jesus I ask forgiveness for any sin that I committed that wounded my soul
Wash me clean of all my sins
The sins of my ancestors
And also any sins committed against me
I put Your blood on those sins and I also forgive people who have hurt me
Leviticus 17 says Your blood atones for my soul
So I believe that your blood washes me clean of every sin in my soul right now
And I receive your forgiveness
In Jesus name

Put your hand on your stomach and say
Dear Lord Jesus
Sin has wounded my soul but your dunamis power can heal every wound inside of me
I have already been resurrected in a new life in You
So Your Dunamis lives in my spirit
I decree its flowing into my soul right now and causing me to be excellent of soul
Heal every wound inside of me
Cause my soul to be excellent in every place where I’ve been injured
Fill me with your resurrect power
In both my soul and my body
I know that when my soul gets healed I will be prosperous in my finances and in my health even as my soul prospers
So I receive my healing now in Jesus name