Each and every person has experienced being offended. However, if we allow offenses to take root and fester, they will not only affect our health — they can also cause wounds to our souls and keep us from fully realizing our God-given destiny.
Two Step Prayer:
STEP 1 — “Lord Jesus, I repent for every time I let myself become offended. I ask that You take your blood and totally wash away my sins of offense. I repent for thinking offended thoughts toward that person. I repent for saying offended words about them. I put Your blood on every thought of offense and every offended word I said about another person. Wash my mind, my heart and my mouth in Your blood. Take away every sinful thought and sinful word with Your blood. Heal me of every sin of offense by the power of Your blood shed on the Cross and empower me to never become offended again. Lord, I also forgive that person for being offended at me. Wash them of their sins of offense and cleanse them of that sin so they do not become sick.”
STEP 2 — “Now, Jesus, I ask that You would heal my soul of every wound that was created by my sins of offense. Your blood took care of the sin, and now Your dunamis power will heal the wounds that came from my offenses. Lord, cause me to be what dunamis means: excellent of soul! Fill my soul with this power that comes through Your resurrection! Saturate me with resurrection power! I partake of it now! I command every deadly wound that came from my words of slander and offense to be filled with dunamis. Heal me in both body and soul, Lord. I decree I am excellent of soul, so now cause me to prosper and be in health even as my soul is prospered! In Jesus’ mighty name! Amen.”