Faith isn’t simply mental acceptance of theological ideas, rather it has a physical expression in our actions. Faith is central to worship because without it, we cannot please God.

How aware are we that God loves to be loved?
He loves your worship and your faith
Worship brings pleasure to the heart of God

One of God’s love languages is faith, because God loves our faith
Hebrews 11:6
Without faith you can’t please God
Now biblical faith has a physical expression, it’s something you do.
If you want to know how much faith you have, look at what you are doing.

What do we believe about God?
He is Exceedingly good, outrageously great, beautiful, wonderful, counsellor, almighty God, everlasting Father, all consuming fire, the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning the end, the bright morning star, the Father of the fatherless, defender of the weak, king of kings, lord of lords, he is humble, He is kind, he is forgiving He is faithful He is merciful! This is only the beginning!
What is faith in all of these God truths?
What does faith look like on a person?
What does it look like when we step into all these truths?
David responded by dancing with his clothes off.
What gets in the way of faith? Fear!
When you bring an offering to God that steps past your fear, your Father is beaming down on you thrilled with it.
Let’s step out of fear and into faith as we worship God in spirit and truth!
Jeremy Riddle