Bill Johnson said, “The Lord, I believe is speaking to us about the endurance of heart, the endurance of faith, because there is an answer if we do not lose heart. There is breakthrough. It had has been predetermined that breakthrough would come for every person for every situation if we do not lose heart. That is the promise of the Lord for us.”

I have had firsthand experience of that with the sale of our home in East London. We put our house on the market in August last year and have been trusting God for a sale. All along I felt that I had no option but to trust God implicitly, because if I did not trust Him, I would lose out on something. Then about 3 weeks ago I woke up one morning with an inexplicable excitement in my spirit. I just knew something amazing was about to happen, but did not know what. Last week, seven months later, we sold our home to a private buyer for the price we wanted. How is that for God’s goodness? I sense the Lord was honoring our loyalty to trust Him WITHOUT QUESTION OR SUGGESTION.