Worship is where you give worth to something. It is our expression of worth. Worship is far more than a song that we sing. It’s a heartfelt feeling of value to Him. Bible says God is looking for worshippers.
Eric was a little baby and was sick with a very high fever.
There are faith prayers and panic prayers but he had not yet learnt how to pray faith prayers. Then he remembered when you worship, God inhabits the praise of His people so he said to Benni, let’s just worship and see if God will heal him. They began praising Him and as they were worshipping, Bill saw his heart for what it was that he was actually manipulating God with a gift, hoping that God would in turn give him a gift. He saw it for what it was and suddenly he felt so dirty, so unclean. He started to confess to God for what he was doing. Then he decided to not even pray for Eric but to give God an offering that is an appropriate offering that is praise and honor for who He is. He spoke to God and said, God I tried to manipulate You through praise but forgive me, I just honor You and he began to exalt the Lord and to lift up praise, decrees, confessions and declarations of His goodness. And suddenly, almost like a volcano, he found himself, not premeditated, he found himself rebuking the fever and he prayed for Eric in boldness and faith and the fever was broken immediately. It’s the Lords mercy. The point is don’t use worship as a means to an end. Worship is the end!
If you take 2 people, one had known the Lord for 50 years and every Sunday morning during the last hymn they have a 10 second encounter with the Lord and you compare that person with somebody who has known Jesus for 2 years but every day they take half hour to an hour just to be in the presence of His glory. Who do you think after the 50 years or the 2 years is going to be more conformed to the image of Christ? We are transformed according to the time and exposure to the glory which is the manifested presence of Jesus. Every time we take the time to focus on the Lord, there is a scene taking place and in that scene we are being changed.
God is love, He designed us to worship and we always become like the one we worship.
We are transformed according to our exposure to the glory which is the manifested presence of Jesus.