Testimony from Kampala, UGANDA

From Pastor Frank. Last week in our Sozo Healing Room.
A lady who had pain in the right foot and numbness in the right hand down the right leg was healed by the power of God.
Another kid with a tumor behind the right earlobe was healed too by the power of God. Glory to our God.

Uganda September 2017


1. Lema is a tall man who was seated in front who had an ear problem. One ear was closed. When he went home he had a vision of mama Carol touching his ear and a pop came out of the ear and immediately their came a flow of liquid. The ear opened up and now he can hear with both ears.
2. Flora had visited many, many doctors about her long painful stomach problem for over 4 years, ever since she gave birth. After prayer she got healed and up to now she has had no more pain and she has thrown away all the medicine.
3 & 4. Lure and Jane both had daily painfully headaches. Jane says she has had headaches from childhood and tears would come out of her eyes from the pain. After prayers they testify that up till now they have not had a single drop of any pain.
5. Peace came from Entebbe to attend the training in Kampla. She had been to several doctors but the fibroids never healed. She was in severe pain all the time. After the mock Healing Rooms she is totally healed.
6. Christine came from far, from the village of Wakiso. She has had a sharp back pain from the day she delivered her 3 year old son and had a constant flow of blood. She could not do any chores. She could only sit down. After the mock Healing Rooms where they prayed for each other, she is totally pain free and no bleeding.
7 & 8 Hawa and Mega both had eye problems and couldn't read without the help of specs. Tears would flow from the eyes every time they looked into a book. After the Healing Rooms Training they both don't use specs any more. They have given their specs to the church as a testimony of their healing.
Other testimonies 3 of them were emotional Healings.
One woman forgave her husband and now went back to her family.
My hand has not functioning since 2015 and now my hand is working 100%.
There was a man who had cancer and had a bleeding knee for a long time that would not heal. Pastor Grace waved his scarf over this man’s knee, proclaiming healing and the next day the man woke up to find that his knee was not bleeding anymore and that he could jump around and use his knee in ways he has not been able to for months!
I had difficulty walking with high heels. I got pains in my legs. I have had high heels on all day and now I have no pain in my legs and believe I am healed.
The pain in my thyroid better now.
I have had pain in my head for some time. I felt His presence and am now fine
felt the transformation of my soul. The time I was meeting God with my eyes closed, I found myself being taken by the angel of the Lord. He took my soul and I found myself not in the physical world anymore. From the moment I was quiet in the presence of Lord I heard a voice minister to my heart that while in our meeting he will complete an assignment for me. I tried to open my eyes but could not because God was still working in my life. When I could open my eyes I felt that everything that troubled me was completed gone and I feel my life is fine again.
When I came here I was had a lot of thoughts in my mind. I has to close my business today to attend the meeting. The Spirit of God spoke to me and I felt like I was not on this earth. I was taken someone and felt peace like I have never felt before. I feel soo well now. God did wonderful things in my life.
When I came here I was not well & had a bad headache. I always have headaches. Then I felt I heard a voice saying I must go home. I realised it was not the voice of God. I felt the presence of God and now when I went to heaven I felt somehow a peace and quiet I never had before. I have had problems of headaches for a long time and now I have nothing. I can bend down and now it is not normal as I know normal. Jesus said it is gone now. I was healed and transformed in the presence of heaven. Praise Jesus.

God answers prayer at Shalom HR in Uganda

Today at church in Entebbe a young couple came after the service and cried to me that the pregnancy of his wife is overdue. I prayed and the Spirit of the living God spoke to me to tell them to go home and pack she as is delivering today. After 3 hours as they were at home packing she went into labour pains and I have just received a call she has delivered a baby girl.
Hahaha really we serve a God of miracles signs and wonders.

Hip joint healed at Shalom Healing Rooms

In Kenya last week I was invited to speak in a conference. Listen to what happened..... A lady had been sick for over 5 years and could not squat due to pains in the hip sockets. As I prayed for her she jumped up and started turning. .. a miracle!


A woman came in walking with the aid of a walking stick, unable to walk unaided. She asked for prayer for her stomach. After prayer for her stomach, not thinking, she jumped up and started jumping around instead of reaching for her stick. Her legs were totally healed!


A woman was taken to hospital for a stomach operation for the 3rd time, but on her way she stopped at the Shalom HR for prayer. The pain was so severe that she could not walk. They blessed her and declared that she would be healed and not need an operation. With that declaration she was instantly healed and did not even go to the hospital!


A man was born with such a bad skin problem that he walked around with his face covered. He came to aSunday service and asked for prayer. It was very hot and Pastor Grace was perspiring. He wiped his brow and rubbed his sweat on the man's face! Seven days later the skin on the man's face was completely healed!


A pregnant woman wanted to commit suicide after having a 3 month scan and hearing that she was having a 4th boy. Ps Grace prayed for her to have a girl. A week the mother went for another scan and the scan still showed a boy. She was furious with Ps Grace because his prayers did not work!

Pastor Grace spoke to her to increase her faith. Six months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. God gives us the desires of our heart and changes the sex of babies!


A Woman was carrying dead baby so she went to Healing Rooms for prayer, but the baby did not move, so she resorted to going to hospital. The doctors were in theatre preparing to remove the baby when they heard a baby's cry. The baby was born completely normal!


A woman at a healing crusade in the bush had committed suicide by drinking poison when she remembered hearing Ps Grace on the radio sharing about a God who heals. She was near death and could not speak. Pastor Grace had a word of Knowledge that it was suicide. She had the bottle of poison in her bag. He prayed for her and saw something come out of her. She stood up and walked away! God You are just amazing!


A woman had been married for 6 yrs and could not fall pregnant. Her husband was having an affair threatened her that if she did not fall pregnant by the end of December, he would leave her. She was desperate and came for prayer. She doubted whether they could help her as she was not sick. She went to the hospital for tests in December and was proclaimed pregnant! Her husband was so overjoyed that he gave his life to the Lord!


A woman could not walk till the power of God touched her and she walked! Praise God

Throat cancer

A wo man had throat cancer and with prayer, was instantly healed of all symptoms!


A Marriage was broken because the man who was not well, spent all his money on visiting witchdoctors but his health never improved. He was a business man in the coffee business and never brought money home. His wife said he gave all his money to the demons. His wife wanted to leave him, but they attended the crusade, he gave his life to The Lord and they were re-united.

The next day he went with His wife and his mother to share his testimony and to give God the glory and his mother also accepted.


A boy had problems with his brain. He had witch's charms in his possession. He brought them, they were burned and he was instantly healed.


An old woman had a daughter who had bad headaches to the extent that she was going mad. They had spent all their money on visiting witchdoctors. She tried everything but the daughter's condition never improved. She brought her to the HR training, she was prayed for and was miraculously, completely healed.

Salvation and Freedom

Seven young guys hid behind a car, wanting what they saw at the crusade, but hid for fear of being seen. Pastor Grace and Pastor Maureen explained to them about salvation and they all said the sinner's prayer and gave their lives to Jesus.  One man's father had been a Clan Leader, but when his father died he took over as the clan leader. The clan leader was responsible to do all animal sacrifices to the gods, so this boy was now in charge of demon sacrifices after his dad died. The morning after he gave his life to The Lord he phoned Pastor Grace and wanted to bring his charms to be burned.  He enquired about discipleship as he wanted to lead his whole clan to The Lord.

Stomach Ache

A woman was carried to the Crusade, dying.  She could not walk or talk and had severe stomach ache.  She could not keep any food down. Her son and daughter with her were also sick. We had a Word of Knowledge and asked if she had any witchcraft artifacts in her home. She admitted that she did have and dent someone to fetch them. We burned the goodies and the moment the 2 baskets of evil things, potions and seeds, buttons etc were burned she got up and walked without pain and she and her family were all instantly healed. The first thing she asked for was for food to eat.

The people were laughing because they thought Pastor Grace and the whites in the team were going to die because they burnt the witchcraft. They said we would not reach the river outside the crusade ground.  The news spread and the villagers could not believe when they saw us all alive the next day.  As a result of us being alive, many came to witness and gave their lives to the Lord.


Man who was into whitchcraft shared over the loudspeaker at the crusade that after the message he waited for the alter call to go forward for prayer.  He told his family that he had been saved and the whole family, including his son and daughter-in-law, came the next night and gave their lives to the Lord. Then he went home and shared the good news with the folk in his village.  Many followed and plenty of people were saved. Even the people from the next door village came to the Crusade and were saved.

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