Turkey Istanbul testimonies 2016

A woman who had pain in her legs due to a circulation problem was healed and asked if she would like “Jesus on the inside, too”. She received him as her saviour!

A shy, discreet pianist abandoned herself to the Holy Spirit. She felt a big wave come over her and she could not hold Him in! She began to shake all over, speaking in tongues, prophesying and preaching boldly, “Just yield to the Holy Spirit!”

A young woman had fallen and hurt her foot. She was having difficulty walking, but after prayer was able to run!

A woman was healed of chronic Candida.

A woman with poor eyesight was healed and threw away her glasses.

A woman who had worn an ankle brace for 25 years was healed and began joyfully stomping on the discarded brace!

(Kathleen brace bandage crutches)

An Ethiopian woman, recently released from a nine-year stint in prison was set free from depression, baptised, filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. Her face radiant with joy, she said, “I’m starting a new life with Jesus!”

Pastor G’s anointed scarf was placed in a ring on the floor and all those who stepped into it could not stand under the power of the Holy Spirit. They nick-named it “the circle of love”!

A young Iranian woman was delivered of a spirit of rejection.

A Filipino woman was healed of stiffness and pain in her knees.

An elderly woman in the hotel dining room was hobbling as she walked, due to leg pain. After prayer she was overjoyed to find she could walk normally!

A woman was healed of shoulder-pain while listening to teaching on God’s healing power.

A young Iranian woman began to experience stomach pain during teaching on healing. She realised it was a word of knowledge for her friend. The friend was prayed for and all pain left.

A little Korean boy would constantly cough when in an air-conditioned environment. He was completely healed and did not cough even once.

A team member was healed of knee pain through catching a “glory ball”!

A Korean woman experienced shoulder pain during the teaching, which turned out to be a word of knowledge for her unsaved husband. She had been longing for more closeness in her marriage. God used this experience to show her that they are yoked together.

A Chinese woman stood proxy for her mother, to receive prayer for insomnia. That night her mother slept eight hours straight – the best sleep she had had in years!

An American woman had a rare form of diabetes which made her thirsty all the time. She would drink up to 10 litres of water per day, and eliminate virtually the same amount. She had to constantly monitor how much she drank and urinated. After receiving prayer she was drinking two to three times more liquid than she was eliminating!

A Filipino woman was healed of a burning sensation in her arms and legs and is now pain-free!

An American woman was healed of shoulder and knee pain.

An English woman’s hearing improved after prayer and she decided not to wear her hearing aid.

A Filipino woman was healed of partial deafness.

An English man was healed of a sprained ankle.

A Filipino’s ankle was healed and when she shared her testimony with her flatmate, who also had a sore ankle, she received prayer and was healed too!

An Ethiopian woman who was partially blind in one eye received her sight back!

An American woman who had suffered from back pain for many years was healed!

A Filipino’s son was angry with her. We prayed for him and a few minutes later he sent her a photo of himself with a big smile on his face.

A Turkish man was healed of back pain.

A baby was healed of an upset stomach.

A man suffering from joint and nerve pain for years was prayed for over the phone and all the pain left!

A woman was prayed for in the street and healed of pain in both hips!

A lame man was prayed for in the street and walked off waving his can over his head!

During an inner healing exercise:
A young woman was reminded of difficult experiences from her past – sexual abuse and demonic attacks – but she knew she need not be afraid. Afterwards, she felt as if she had been washed clean with sparkling water and healed of infertility. Previously she had renounced the idea of bearing children, but the Lord reassured her, “Everything will happen in the right time and place”.

A young Korean woman received the revelation that she was not simply the product of 50% of her father’s blood and 50% of her mother’s blood but that she was now made up of 100% of Jesus’ blood!

A woman was taken through all the painful memories of her life, but felt Jesus’ hand on her shoulder.

A young French woman was shown many images from her past but God wiped away the painful memories so she could not remember them anymore. He filled her with PEACE.

A Brazilian woman was reminded of how God had expressed his love to her through her parents, who cherished her as their only child. He showed her that he loves her even more than her parents loved her!

A Filipino woman received the revelation that her bad posture stemmed from shame experienced when going through puberty at a girls’ school. She had not felt comfortable being a woman. God removed her shame. “Now I am free to be me!” she said.

An American woman who had difficulty imagining things saw an open door in heaven with blue sky and a beautiful field. She became aware of the question, “Do I really want the freedom God has for me?” and made a conscious choice to love herself as He loves her.”

An Iranian woman began shaking all over and was healed of a headache and a stomach-ache.

A South-African man was taken back to his mother’s womb, which he shared with his twin brother. He had always felt suppressed by his (younger) twin brother. He saw God set right the situation by placing him BESIDE his brother.

A French woman had experienced emotional trauma when travelling to school as a child. God revealed to her that the cellular memory linked to this was the cause of migraines when travelling as an adult. He set her free!

A German man who spends much of his time ministering to Muslims was surprised to find on his “trip to Heaven” that he found himself in a mosque. He understood that Jesus is present in mosques. He had been feeling weary at the lack of fruit in his ministry but God encouraged him to be joyful.

A Canadian woman was reminded of her desire to spend more time in the Throne Room and of the importance of the renewing of the mind.