Togo Testimonies April 2016

1. Miss Ahisha is 59 yrs and her back & knees were paining for 10 years and she had little mobility. After prayer she started jumping & bent over! She could do all the movements she could not do before!!!

2. Cossa is 65 yrs old and he had sleep apnia for almost 20 years. After prayer yesterday he slept like a baby last night!

3. Pateli had not menstruated for 8 months. The doctors thought she was pregnant, but clearly after 8 months they realised that she was not pregnant. The moment she walked into the church for the Healing Service, she started to menstruate!

4. Amamoese was having a problem threatening a miscarriage, but since receiving prayer she feels much better and believes she is healed.

5. Asida woman came for prayer for herself and her children who were sick in bed at home. She was healed after being prayed for and she arrived home to see her children running around and 100% healed!

6. Ruth, an adult lady was born with pain in her heal and has suffered all her life, not being able to walk properly, resulting in pain in her whole body. After prayer all pain left and she is rejoicing with her new body.

7. John felt like there was something heavy on his life, but after the prayer of yesterday I feel soo light and is a different man!

8. Rebekka received prayer for vertigo and she also had a problem with her blood not flowing freely through her veins. After prayer she has not had any traces of dizziness and feels quite different. She knows that her blood is flowing freely now.

9. Margaret was almost blind and had terrible pains in her legs. God healed her eyes to the extent that she can even thread the eye of a needle!!! She is also totally pain free.

10. Mary’s husband was at home while she attended the HR training. He was blind and he could not walk. She received prayer for him from the brand new prayer servants. When she got home she found her husband completely healed! He could see and was walking around!!!!!!! She came back the next day to give God the glory.

11. MargI was feeling pain in her legs & her back and sometimes while walking she felt as though she was falling. She now feels completely healed

12. Margi’s had itchy eyes. After prayer the itching stopped instantly.

13. Delali had a tumor in her neck that dissolved completely while she was being prayed for. She also had chest pains and a stomach ache, but is now completely pain free.

14. Mercy had back pain & fever that all disappeared with prayer.

15. Antoinette had not menstruated for 8 months. She went to the hospital and was told that they suspect she is pregnant, but she is not pregnant. She came for prayer to the Healing Service. While she was sitting in the church she started menstruating!

16. Tosie has had pain in both her legs for a long time. She also could not carry anything on her head without feeling severe pressure. She was prayed for and the next day her legs were pain free. She went to the farm and needed to carry something on her head. SHE TOOK AUTHORITY OVER THE PAIN AND COMMANDED IT TO LEAVE! Immediately it felt as though a power just left her body. When she put the weight on her head, there was no pressure and she easily carried the load from the farm to the house.

17. We played a game where I threw a grace ball and they were to catch it and place it on the part of their body that needed healing. Fred had pain in his head for 18 years but after placing the imaginary grace ball on his head the pain disappeared and has not returned!

18. Pappa had back pain, but from the moment he caught the Grace ball his pain disappeared
19. For 3 months Algina’s eyes have been rolling back in her head causing dizziness. She asked God to do something new in her life. She has not experienced her eyes rolling back since the prayer. She went to work telling everyone her story and her colleagues want what she has as they can see that something has changed in her life.

20. Moses, 46 years old, had a problem with haemorrhoids for 2 years. God healed his problem and he is now eating what he could not eat previously and has no discomfort anymore.

21. James had a headache for almost a year. He used to go to work with a headache every day. Today was the first day that he went to work without a headache

22. For a year Amen has felt pain in his entire body but after prayer all the pain disappeared and he believes God has healed him.

23. Jacques was involved in a car accident 2 years ago and broke both his legs. He could not stand, jump or dance. He came for prayer and now has not stopped jumping & dancing & he believes God has healed him completely!

24. Juliette was involved in a car accident 13 years ago and could not stand without support or sit for any length of time. Yesterday when the new prayer servants prayed for her she tested her healing and could jump and reported the next day that she could stand and sit at length without pain.
She had also not been able to sleep properly for 2 weeks, but yesterday after the training, she went home and SPOKE TO THE SPIRIT OF INSOMNIA and commanded it to leave her body. She slept so well last night and said, “I even forgot to wake up until late today.”

25. A woman shared that her 4 year old daughter had had severe pain in her ear for a few days. Yesterday during the training there was a word of knowledge for a sore ear. Her daughter was with her and instantly the pain in her daughter’s ear was sovereignly healed.

26. A woman suffered back pain throughout her pregnancy and for 3 months thereafter. She came for prayer and on her way home she realised that all the pain had disappeared.

27. John had been suffering from migraines and sinusitis for years. He was invited to go to church for prayer, but did not respond to the invitation. He went to bed and had a dream that he was healed. He woke up the next morning completely healed & pain free!