Stomach Ache

A woman was carried to the Crusade, dying. She could not walk or talk and had severe stomach ache. She could not keep any food down. Her son and daughter with her were also sick. We had a Word of Knowledge and asked if she had any witchcraft artifacts in her home. She admitted that she did have and dent someone to fetch them. We burned the goodies and the moment the 2 baskets of evil things, potions and seeds, buttons etc were burned she got up and walked without pain and she and her family were all instantly healed. The first thing she asked for was for food to eat.

The people were laughing because they thought Pastor Grace and the whites in the team were going to die because they burnt the witchcraft. They said we would not reach the river outside the crusade ground. The news spread and the villagers could not believe when they saw us all alive the next day. As a result of us being alive, many came to witness and gave their lives to the Lord.