Be Encouraged


I Hear His Whisper…
Stay close to me.

Come closer to me. Live close to my heart, my child. I will bring you into the secret place and give you rest. Let nothing trouble you. The enemy is a defeated foe. My presence will be your peace. Lay your head upon my shoulder and rest with me. Entwine your heart with mine until we are one. It is the slanderer who will always wound you in your weakness. But I will strengthen you until you stand complete, wearing my robe and my armor.

You were created to live in my presence daily and to be more aware of my love for you than your shortcomings and weaknesses. It’s only when you get distracted and lose sight of my love, faithfulness, and power that anxiety grips your heart. It’s okay to not understand everything or become lost in the mystery of it all. Remember my ways are greater than yours. It’s okay to stand in my presence and be filled with wonder. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy me, and when you do, the power of the enemy won’t impress on you any longer.
Whispers written by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez
Psalm 31:8
The Passion Translation

You have kept me from being conquered by my enemy; you broke open the way to bring me to freedom, into a beautiful, broad place.