St Martin’s HR training

I have something that I think I can call a bunion and I see it has Demi is he’s somewhat in these 10 minutes that we have been playing with the grace ball.

It’s bunion day! I sense that my bunion has also got smaller!

Judy-swelling on foot has gone right down and shoulder pain is gone.

I had a very sore hand and all the pain is gone.

When I came this morning my knees were quite inflamed but now they feeling cool.

I have been having shoulder problems for about a year and it now it is completely healed!

I had a constant pain in my stomach from a hernia and the pain is gone!

When I was little my dad was in a major accident which shifted things a lot in our family. I didn’t have that one on one relationship with him that I wanted. It wasn’t his fault but I kind of still had that feeling that you were not there for me as a dad! He had brain damage, so in my relationship with God I really struggled to feel a dad’s love because I’ve never experienced a dad’s love for me. I hear it all the time but never felt it, but this time it was the first time in my life I experienced that love. It was so powerful because in the end, I love dancing, I saw Jesus holding me like this and dancing with me. It was wonderful!

Forgive me if I say the wrong things…
I don’t know where to start..
For the rest of the room that’s here, today is my first time ever in a church facility. And if it was not for Rob who invited me upstairs here I don’t know what would have happened to me. I decided to give my life to God when I woke up this morning. Just a brief description….last night I basically saw God in my room, in real life and it’s like He waited long enough for me to push my finger through the holes in His hands. And this morning the same thing happened that happened last night and before I got to my room door to get to where everyone was having breakfast I hit the floor and I got the jitters. After a while my body got hot like it’s burning up, but everything looked normal. In the excitement this morning I rushed out, not knowing what will happen and with everybody sitting there I said, “Mom, God is in my room.” And my mom looks at me and they all look around and at me and my mom is like, “Yes I know, we pray over the house every day, we know Allah is all over the house.” So I’m like, “No mom, God is in my room.” And I’m looking back down the passage towards where my room is and my mom is like, “Are you mad? Just sit down” And I’m like, “Jesus is in my room.” And my father is sitting on my right and the next thing I knew he hit me with his fist and I rocketed off my chair down to the floor. Then they shook me a bit and put me out of the gate and said, “Go and clear your head and when you finished, come back and see us.” I have been searching for a church close to 3 hours this morning, I know this area well as we live just up the road, but they were closed and couldn’t find anyone to talk to. And I was walking down here towards the main road and I don’t know for what reason I walked this way, because I was depressed that I couldn’t find anyone to talk to. I knew that I needed to talk to somebody and I knew that I needed to do what I needed to do. As I walked passed here I saw all the cars and the next thing I see Rob coming towards me and invited me to come upstairs. So I thought why not and went upstairs. I sat in the first session and it was like everything the lady spoke it was like she was speaking directly to me. And at one point I even wanted to laugh, but I kept it in, because I thought people will laugh and think I’m going off my head! I stayed for the second session and now while you were taking us through this healing exercise I don’t know what happened but all I can remember is that I found myself in this space and all I can remember is that there was a very very very sweet smell that filled this entire room. And I heard voices saying, “Just lie before Me.”
And the next thing I heard was, “Everything is going to be ok.” The next thing I knew I was just crying and crying again like last night and this morning. And right now I feel on top of the world.
My parents divorced when I was 6 and neither my step mom or dad liked me and they sent me off to barding school when I was 8. I was the youngest by 2 years and I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was going down the stairs and out of the front door to try and escape but the front door was on fire and there was an anaconda coming down the stairs behind me. The Lord just took me to that now and showed me that He blew the fire out and He twisted the snake in a k it and threw it out of the door! Hallelujah so the memory I have now is of that!

I was born in the U.K. and moved to South Africa 40 years ago. I did not want to go to South Africa and still feel I very much have my roots in the U.K. rather than SA, even after all this time. Today He healed that pain and He took those roots that are in the U.K. But He didn’t put them in South Africa, He put them into Himself. I feel I am now more than ever rooted in Jesus!

My name is Barbara. I have 2 disintegrating discs in my back. I was prayed for and the feeling and warmth I had in my back was unbelievable. I was asked to test the healing, but said, “I have NEVER been able to touch the floor, so don’t worry. It’s just a physical thing!” I was asked again to test my healing and miraculously I bent down and touched the floor! My back ishealed!!!

I have always had a foot problem. My foot underneath is like sticky and ugly. While you were praying for someone else’s foot, I felt something happening to my foot. I looked and my foot is completely healed! Praise Jesus!

I have had a bloated feeling in my stomach for many years. This morning when you mentioned indigestion it just disappeared!

A few weeks ago I had s bad bout of influenza and since then my ears have been blocked. When I was prayed for now, I just heard a sound and my ears popped open and are now completely unblocked! I give God all the glory!