Ringing Bible

At the last Bay Healing Rooms, one of the prayer servants left his bible in the worship room where another team were waiting to receive someone for prayer. Suddenly they heard a cell phone ringing and then heard the sound of a message being sent. After that the phone started ringing again and the sound seemed to be coming from where the bible was left.
Paddy went to where the bible was, thinking the cell phone must be inside the outer cover, and as she picked up the bible, she confirmed that the ringing was coming from the bible. She opened the bible to find out whose it was, and the ringing stopped immediately. She felt a strong urging to return the bible to its rightful owner, and also less their team got further disturbed during prayer. She saw the name of John in it and went to the prayer room where he was already praying for someone.
At the exact time Paddy knocked on the door, John realized he needed his bible for a particular verse he felt necessary to quote then. She handed the bible over and after the morning’s session, John thanked her for bringing his bible to him so timeously, and she reminded him that someone had left a message on his cell inside it. To her utter shock, John assured her a number of times that his cell phone was never in his bible at all but was in his pocket the whole time.
There were no other cell phones in the worship room at the time, and the ringing definitely came from the bible.
If God could talk through a donkey, surely He could orchestrate a cell phone ringing in these modern times to alert us to ‘get His word out’?