Be Encouraged

Our identity in Him

“I am your identity”

I am the One who has formed you and defined you. Others gaze on your weakness and faults, but I gaze on your beauty as you are seated with Me in the heavenly realm. I have shaped you with My hands. Twice I have perfected you—once in your mother’s womb and once when you came to know Me. You are twice purified in My eyes, for you are Mine.

Your difficulties have shaped you, but they will not define you. I am the One who made you. I alone have the right to define you. You are Mine! By creation and by redemption, you are Mine! I have set My seal over your heart and now I display you to the world as My very own masterpiece of love. Can you not see what My love has done throughout your life? Do not look upon your failures and pain, for in My presence they do not exist. I have placed My glory over your life and call you, “My radiant one!”

When you surrender to Me, it is not you who guides your life, but I am the Good Shepherd who leads you. We work together on earth as holy partners, friends committed to serve one another. I have served you My grace even as you have yielded to Me your heart. As you pray, we are one, two spirits that breathe as one. Your voice is sweet and your face is lovely in My eyes. Never hesitate to give Me the desires of your heart. I will bring them to pass.

The strength to endure pressures and trials flows from My life within you. Do not say, “I can’t handle this test,” but instead say, “I can do all things in the strength of the One who lives in me.” When you speak out of your identity in Me, the surging power of My Spirit will lift you high. There you will soar above the pain of the moment and the pressure of the test.

I am your True Identity, My beloved. Find your pleasure in Me, and I will pour My power into you. The more you delight your heart in Me, the freer I become to unleash My glory in your situation. Others will find your flaws, but I have found your virtue. You trusted Me when you had nothing and no one to support you. I know your heart, for I have shaped it with My hands to contain My glory. Never doubt the burning love that I have placed within your soul. In that flame you will find Me and you will hear My voice whisper to you. Beloved, I am your True Identity.

Song of Songs 1:5 The Passion Translation

The Shulamite
“Jerusalem maidens, in this twilight darkness
I know I am so unworthy—so in need.”

The Shepherd-King
“Yet you are so lovely!”

The Shulamite
“I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents
of the wandering nomads.

The Shepherd-King
Yet you are so lovely—
like the fine linen tapestry hanging in the Holy Place.”