Nairobi Kenya September 2017

A man with advanced cancer came for prayer for his constantly bleeding knee. Pastor Grace swished his scarf over the man’s knee, cursing the cancer to die in Jesus name! The next day the man reported that he is healed. “I don’t think I’m healed, I know that I am healed.”
For a long time I could not just wake up & go, or sit, stand and move – I normally first have to get up slowly then for long time I could not move, but had to be still and slowly start moving. Now I can move quickly. It is amazing! The peace I felt was what I have never felt before. This is just a beginning, I am feeling so well now!
I was sitting in my office and got this feeling in my head that I must come to the meeting. Then the Holy Spirit came to me and as I went through the heaven experience, God reminded me about an experience I had when my school burned down. God showed me his peace and told me that I would be restored to peace again and that the bad memory was gone.
I experienced heaven this afternoon. I went out of my body and all of sudden I heard a voice saying that all my thoughts of worry are gone. God showed me that my challenges are gone & all is well. The thoughts of confusion in my mind are gone,
I have hope again. All the baggage is gone!
People spoke to witchdoctors about me and I could not walk. I was a Muslim. I looked for pastors to help me. I gave my life to Jesus and now I am healed!