Miracle healing after major operation

My husband, Henry, was diagnosed with a tumor in his colon. He went in for surgery on Wednesday 29/11/17. This is major surgery where they removed 30cm of his colon. It was done via laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery. They made 4 small incisions with a camera through his navel that magnifies 5x) We never left a stone unturned and bombarded heaven with prayer and thanksgiving!! I had groups friends praying, phoned Bethel HR to pray for him, a friend from America & one from Australia prayed for him, a friend sang frequencies of healing over him, we had people laying hands on him & others praying remotely. In total about 95 people prayed for him. We took & still take communion every day & speak healing & health over his body and God performed a miracle!!! Henry was the first person out of 600 patients over 10 years who has left the hospital after spending only 1 night in hospital after this particular major surgery!!! He is home, going for walks and is the epitome of health & healing under the hand of God. To God be the glory! 👍🙏👏