Be Encouraged

Joyce Meyer 30 May 2018

God has come by the Holy Spirit to live in your spirit. Everything in your deep spirit, the deepest part of you, is all cleaned up, it’s holy.

But the soul can give us a problem. And our soul is like the second compartment of our being. It will be like the second deepest place in us. The spirit is deeper but the soul is next and thats your mind your will and your emotions. It’s how you think, what you want what you feel and THATS what gives us trouble!

The mind has to be renewed by the word of God. The will needs to be turned over to the will of God and the emotions need to not rule us.
Get this…JAMES 1:21
“So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a (modest, gentle) spirit receive and welcome the word of God which implanted and rooted (in your hearts)contains the power to save your soul!”

You might just say if I put sugar in cake batter it has the power to make it sweet. You know what…if I put the word of God in my life it has the power to change my soul!

But you got to put it in! It says, “To those who welcome the word of God in a humble attitude.” In other words, man I need this, God I need everything that You say. There’s nothing You say that I don’t need. No matter how many times You say it, I need it again and again and again!