Be Encouraged

How to view favor

1. Favor is given as an expression of God’s affection for you. It’s to encourage you!
a. We’re all tested by the glory/praise given us.
b. You never take favor to build your identity out of how He uses you.

2. Use favor to develop relationship with God
a. Matthew 7- “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”
b. The miracle is that God honors His word- that’s how people who live
immoral lives can still perform the miracle.
c. 1 King 10:9 God highly exalted David because He loved Israel so much.

3. God showers favor on you because He loves the people around you so much.
a. Your breakthrough creates a momentum for the people around you.
b. Ephesians 4:29 – Speak only words that give grace (which is divine favor).
c. Encourage people according to the need of the moment and according to
the Spirit; and in doing, so you give them grace, which is divine favor.
d. 1 Chronicles 22:8
• Favor from David to Solomon
• David couldn’t build God’s house because he had shed too much
• Old Testament ministry is like bloodshed – always pointing out what
is wrong.
• New Testament ministry is like building – it’s prophetic ministry that
calls out the gold in people.
e. It is the generation of rest that actually gets to build something.