Healing Rooms Training in Somerset West

During a fun exercise of placing a grace ball on a problem area, sciatica that had been an issue for years, was healed.

A lady testified, “My jaw gets stuck & during the grace ball exercise I felt a lot of heat and the pain is gone. There was always a numbness around my jaw and that is also gone & I can open my jaw freely.

I put the grace ball on my kidneys and I believe I was healed. I was also very shaky and the shaking has gone.

When we started the fun exercise a woman said she needed prayer for new cartilage in her knee. She put the grace ball on her knees and God replaced the cartilage! She can now squat and can bend her knees which she could not do before.

A woman had a problem with dry eyes and she was on medication for many months. After the exercise it feels like it is lubricated. Now it feels fine-no problem anymore!

All symptoms of flu disappeared when placing the grace ball on her body!

A woman testified, “I suffered from depression and I could see God crowning me with His joy! I almost feel I should move the crown as it’s messing up my hair, because the crown is so real on my head. I feel the joy infiltrating my mind & my head through the crown.”

I had such a revelation while you were talking. God showed me that it is not my responsibility that people get healed when I pray for them, it is His responsibility. That switch took place in my mind while you were talking!

Jesus said to me, “I forgive you.”

He said, “You are my princess.”

My mom was always sick and God showed me that my DNA Is not my mom’s, but His DNA, so I do NOT need to fight these thought, I just need to rest in Him because He promised Peter & I long ago a long, healthy life and that is the truth, so I have a sense of absolute truth & peace now.

Jesus said He is making everything in my body new. Jesus put His thumb on my forehead and I felt a tingling from my head passing right down through my body as He moved His thumb and I felt all the pain & trauma of my whole life leaving through my feet.

I had a picture of all the fragments of my soul which looked like glass. Jesus took all the shards of glass and put them back into my soul until it was whole again.

During the mock healing rooms time my ear was prayed for and I now notice that the sounds are louder and in fact a bit irritating!!! So I know that the Lord is doing a good job with my ear!

I had inflammation in my toes and all pain is gone

The spiritual block I had of receiving from the Lord just drained away and He filled me.

I had spasms in my back and it’s all gone. I also had anxiety that has all just left my body and there’s a lightness now.

A woman has had pain in her leg for years, but the moment the word “trauma” was mentioned, the pain disappeared instantly! After all those years, she is now pain free!

A woman had pain and pins & needles in her left leg for a long time. As the first session ended, at tea time, she could not talk & was completely frozen in her seat and could not move! Her mind was busy, but her body was frozen and God showed her that the trauma she had endured He has taken away and now she needs to help others who are experiencing trauma. All pain in her left leg is gone!

A stiff neck that had been giving trouble for years, was loosened to the extent that she feels she can move her neck around like an owl! Years of stiffness GONE!

“My mind feels completely rejuvenated.”

I have had stomach trouble for years, and last night I told someone that it feels like I have a root in my stomach, but during the inner healing exercise when the word “roots” was mentioned, I could feel something being ripped out of my stomach and that pain feeling is gone! I’m actually getting goosebumps while I’m telling you! It’s gone, praise the Lord, amen, amen, amen!