God uses Prayer Cloths to save child’s life!

Saudiqa (Mother of baby Mikael at Redcross) and Fazlien send you their heartfelt thanks for your praying for Mikael and sending the prayer cloth to Redcross Hospital. It has been placed on Mikael whom, Doctors were planning to switch off the life support machines on Friday, 25th July at 1pm. Saudiqa begged the doctors not to switch off the machines. At 12h50, a new doctor walked in and fought for Mikael to be allowed to stay on the machines. This was agreed upon (1st miracle). On Sunday he celebrated his 1st birthday in the ward (2nd miracle). By Monday, doctors started proclaiming his life a miracle as his heart rate improved, by Tuesday they decided he was not off the danger list, but that he was definitely improving. (3rd miracle). Saudiqa wants you to know that the power of your prayer on the prayer cloth is what caused the miracle that keeps Mikael alive today. The family wants you to keep praying for him.