Be Encouraged

Don’t get stuck in a sentence in your life

There is an absolute purpose for why you are alive. Some are saying, “I haven’t quite arrived yet and others. Are trying to figure out why we even exist. What we need to realize is that each of our life is a story. You arena story in the making right now. Don’t herbarium in a sentence of your life. You are a story. There’s more to you than the sentence you are in right now. There are paragraphs, there are pages. If you don’t like this page don’t worry there’s another one. If you don’t like the chapter don’t worry there’s another chapter. If you don’t like your book don’t worry. You are volumes of books. So don’t get stuck in your sentence. Some of us are so caught up in a sentence of our lives we think it defines our story. No, it’s just a sentence. And if you cant be encouraged by your story remember you are part of a much larger story. Your story is so big it goes beyond you and it is called the Word of God. At the same time it speaks about your past, it also predicts your future. Extract from message by Eric Johnson.