Autoimmune Disease

The first person we prayed for was a guy named Benwar. He had Guillian Barres Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease causing paralyses and severe fatigue. He was at one stage completely paralysed in bed and was sleeping for 16 hours per day. He could hardly walk up the stairs to the prayer station. He was always tired, and his muscles would usually seize if he attempted any effort at all. He was depressed and angry at God, because he was a Jew and had given his life to the Lord. We anointed him with oil and began to pray for him. He began playing with his scarf and I asked him how he was doing. He said he was extremely hot all over, but especially his legs which were on fire and his muscles were contracting. We left him for a couple of minutes and asked him to test it out. He jumped up out of the chair and began running up and down the staircase, 3 steps at a time. He ran up and down a couple of times, full of energy, moving his legs around, stretching, and doing everything he couldn’t do before. We prayed for him to fill him with the Holy Spirit and he was completely healed! It was amazing, he was so excited, and so were we!