Be Encouraged

Are your thoughts TRUTH or LIES?

Here is a new game you can play with yourself: TRUTH OR LIE (even teach it to your children and grandchildren)

Catch your thoughts and discern if the thought is a “God truth” or a “Devil’s lie.”
If it is a lie, cast it down. If it is true, then meditate on the truth and then “do” the truth.
You can train your thoughts to ONLY think truth and if you think truth, you will “do” truth and if you “do” truth you will “become” and expression of His truth.

For example, is the following a God-truth or a Devil-lie?
THOUGHT: I am overweight and I can’t lose weight – I will always struggle!
ANSWER: This is a “devil-lie” God’s word says that you can do all things through Christ who strengthen you and He also says that He always leads you in triumph.
ACTIVATE: Ponder the truth over and over and then decree it over your body… this is “doing”the truth.

Have fun and let me know of a thought you discerned and how you processed it.