South Africa

Stiff neck

GOD the HEALER! I came across a man sitting in line to have an X-ray taken as he was in a car accident and could not move his neck and was in much pain. I held his hand and commanded the pain to go and his neck to move freely! All pain left and his neck moved freely from side to side! Not sure what the X-ray showed? God loves scrambling man’s beliefs! We walk by sight and face the enemy instead of walking by faith and facing our God!

Miracle healing after major operation

My husband, Henry, was diagnosed with a tumor in his colon. He went in for surgery on Wednesday 29/11/17. This is major surgery where they removed 30cm of his colon. It was done via laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery. They made 4 small incisions with a camera through his navel that magnifies 5x) We never left a stone unturned and bombarded heaven with prayer and thanksgiving!! I had groups friends praying, phoned Bethel HR to pray for him, a friend from America & one from Australia prayed for him, a friend sang frequencies of healing over him, we had people laying hands on him & others praying remotely. In total about 95 people prayed for him. We took & still take communion every day & speak healing & health over his body and God performed a miracle!!! Henry was the first person out of 600 patients over 10 years who has left the hospital after spending only 1 night in hospital after this particular major surgery!!! He is home, going for walks and is the epitome of health & healing under the hand of God. To God be the glory! 👍🙏👏

St Martin's HR training


I have something that I think I can call a bunion and I see it has Demi is he's somewhat in these 10 minutes that we have been playing with the grace ball.

It's bunion day! I sense that my bunion has also got smaller!

Judy-swelling on foot has gone right down and shoulder pain is gone.

I had a very sore hand and all the pain is gone.

When I came this morning my knees were quite inflamed but now they feeling cool.

I have been having shoulder problems for about a year and it now it is completely healed!

I had a constant pain in my stomach from a hernia and the pain is gone!

When I was little my dad was in a major accident which shifted things a lot in our family. I didn't have that one on one relationship with him that I wanted. It wasn't his fault but I kind of still had that feeling that you were not there for me as a dad! He had brain damage, so in my relationship with God I really struggled to feel a dad's love because I've never experienced a dad's love for me. I hear it all the time but never felt it, but this time it was the first time in my life I experienced that love. It was so powerful because in the end, I love dancing, I saw Jesus holding me like this and dancing with me. It was wonderful!

Forgive me if I say the wrong things...
I don't know where to start..
For the rest of the room that's here, today is my first time ever in a church facility. And if it was not for Rob who invited me upstairs here I don't know what would have happened to me. I decided to give my life to God when I woke up this morning. Just a brief description....last night I basically saw God in my room, in real life and it's like He waited long enough for me to push my finger through the holes in His hands. And this morning the same thing happened that happened last night and before I got to my room door to get to where everyone was having breakfast I hit the floor and I got the jitters. After a while my body got hot like it's burning up, but everything looked normal. In the excitement this morning I rushed out, not knowing what will happen and with everybody sitting there I said, "Mom, God is in my room." And my mom looks at me and they all look around and at me and my mom is like, "Yes I know, we pray over the house every day, we know Allah is all over the house." So I'm like, "No mom, God is in my room." And I'm looking back down the passage towards where my room is and my mom is like, "Are you mad? Just sit down" And I'm like, "Jesus is in my room." And my father is sitting on my right and the next thing I knew he hit me with his fist and I rocketed off my chair down to the floor. Then they shook me a bit and put me out of the gate and said, "Go and clear your head and when you finished, come back and see us." I have been searching for a church close to 3 hours this morning, I know this area well as we live just up the road, but they were closed and couldn't find anyone to talk to. And I was walking down here towards the main road and I don't know for what reason I walked this way, because I was depressed that I couldn't find anyone to talk to. I knew that I needed to talk to somebody and I knew that I needed to do what I needed to do. As I walked passed here I saw all the cars and the next thing I see Rob coming towards me and invited me to come upstairs. So I thought why not and went upstairs. I sat in the first session and it was like everything the lady spoke it was like she was speaking directly to me. And at one point I even wanted to laugh, but I kept it in, because I thought people will laugh and think I'm going off my head! I stayed for the second session and now while you were taking us through this healing exercise I don't know what happened but all I can remember is that I found myself in this space and all I can remember is that there was a very very very sweet smell that filled this entire room. And I heard voices saying, "Just lie before Me."
And the next thing I heard was, "Everything is going to be ok." The next thing I knew I was just crying and crying again like last night and this morning. And right now I feel on top of the world.
My parents divorced when I was 6 and neither my step mom or dad liked me and they sent me off to barding school when I was 8. I was the youngest by 2 years and I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was going down the stairs and out of the front door to try and escape but the front door was on fire and there was an anaconda coming down the stairs behind me. The Lord just took me to that now and showed me that He blew the fire out and He twisted the snake in a k it and threw it out of the door! Hallelujah so the memory I have now is of that!

I was born in the U.K. and moved to South Africa 40 years ago. I did not want to go to South Africa and still feel I very much have my roots in the U.K. rather than SA, even after all this time. Today He healed that pain and He took those roots that are in the U.K. But He didn't put them in South Africa, He put them into Himself. I feel I am now more than ever rooted in Jesus!

My name is Barbara. I have 2 disintegrating discs in my back. I was prayed for and the feeling and warmth I had in my back was unbelievable. I was asked to test the healing, but said, "I have NEVER been able to touch the floor, so don't worry. It's just a physical thing!" I was asked again to test my healing and miraculously I bent down and touched the floor! My back ishealed!!!

I have always had a foot problem. My foot underneath is like sticky and ugly. While you were praying for someone else's foot, I felt something happening to my foot. I looked and my foot is completely healed! Praise Jesus!

I have had a bloated feeling in my stomach for many years. This morning when you mentioned indigestion it just disappeared!

A few weeks ago I had s bad bout of influenza and since then my ears have been blocked. When I was prayed for now, I just heard a sound and my ears popped open and are now completely unblocked! I give God all the glory!


During a fun exercise of placing a grace ball on a problem area, sciatica that had been an issue for years, was healed.

A lady testified, "My jaw gets stuck & during the grace ball exercise I felt a lot of heat and the pain is gone. There was always a numbness around my jaw and that is also gone & I can open my jaw freely.

I put the grace ball on my kidneys and I believe I was healed. I was also very shaky and the shaking has gone.

When we started the fun exercise a woman said she needed prayer for new cartilage in her knee. She put the grace ball on her knees and God replaced the cartilage! She can now squat and can bend her knees which she could not do before.

A woman had a problem with dry eyes and she was on medication for many months. After the exercise it feels like it is lubricated. Now it feels fine-no problem anymore!

All symptoms of flu disappeared when placing the grace ball on her body!

A woman testified, "I suffered from depression and I could see God crowning me with His joy! I almost feel I should move the crown as it's messing up my hair, because the crown is so real on my head. I feel the joy infiltrating my mind & my head through the crown."

I had such a revelation while you were talking. God showed me that it is not my responsibility that people get healed when I pray for them, it is His responsibility. That switch took place in my mind while you were talking!

Jesus said to me, "I forgive you."

He said, "You are my princess."

My mom was always sick and God showed me that my DNA Is not my mom's, but His DNA, so I do NOT need to fight these thought, I just need to rest in Him because He promised Peter & I long ago a long, healthy life and that is the truth, so I have a sense of absolute truth & peace now.

Jesus said He is making everything in my body new. Jesus put His thumb on my forehead and I felt a tingling from my head passing right down through my body as He moved His thumb and I felt all the pain & trauma of my whole life leaving through my feet.

I had a picture of all the fragments of my soul which looked like glass. Jesus took all the shards of glass and put them back into my soul until it was whole again.

During the mock healing rooms time my ear was prayed for and I now notice that the sounds are louder and in fact a bit irritating!!! So I know that the Lord is doing a good job with my ear!

I had inflammation in my toes and all pain is gone

The spiritual block I had of receiving from the Lord just drained away and He filled me.

I had spasms in my back and it's all gone. I also had anxiety that has all just left my body and there's a lightness now.

A woman has had pain in her leg for years, but the moment the word "trauma" was mentioned, the pain disappeared instantly! After all those years, she is now pain free!

A woman had pain and pins & needles in her left leg for a long time. As the first session ended, at tea time, she could not talk & was completely frozen in her seat and could not move! Her mind was busy, but her body was frozen and God showed her that the trauma she had endured He has taken away and now she needs to help others who are experiencing trauma. All pain in her left leg is gone!

A stiff neck that had been giving trouble for years, was loosened to the extent that she feels she can move her neck around like an owl! Years of stiffness GONE!

"My mind feels completely rejuvenated."

I have had stomach trouble for years, and last night I told someone that it feels like I have a root in my stomach, but during the inner healing exercise when the word "roots" was mentioned, I could feel something being ripped out of my stomach and that pain feeling is gone! I'm actually getting goosebumps while I'm telling you! It's gone, praise the Lord, amen, amen, amen!

Ringing Bible

At the last Bay Healing Rooms, one of the prayer servants left his bible in the worship room where another team were waiting to receive someone for prayer. Suddenly they heard a cell phone ringing and then heard the sound of a message being sent. After that the phone started ringing again and the sound seemed to be coming from where the bible was left.
Paddy went to where the bible was, thinking the cell phone must be inside the outer cover, and as she picked up the bible, she confirmed that the ringing was coming from the bible. She opened the bible to find out whose it was, and the ringing stopped immediately. She felt a strong urging to return the bible to its rightful owner, and also less their team got further disturbed during prayer. She saw the name of John in it and went to the prayer room where he was already praying for someone.
At the exact time Paddy knocked on the door, John realized he needed his bible for a particular verse he felt necessary to quote then. She handed the bible over and after the morning’s session, John thanked her for bringing his bible to him so timeously, and she reminded him that someone had left a message on his cell inside it. To her utter shock, John assured her a number of times that his cell phone was never in his bible at all but was in his pocket the whole time.
There were no other cell phones in the worship room at the time, and the ringing definitely came from the bible.
If God could talk through a donkey, surely He could orchestrate a cell phone ringing in these modern times to alert us to ‘get His word out’?

Heart palpitations leave

a person came for prayer for heart palpitations. The Lord showed us that blood covenants had been made, but once we took her through a prayer of repentance, all the heart palpitations left her, and she felt free.

Insomnia healed

Last week a lady came for prayer. She was not sleeping and full of fear. After prayer she slept peacefully right through the night. This week God showed that her anxiety was all about fear of her feature. She was totally set free.

God uses Prayer Cloths to save child's life!

Saudiqa (Mother of baby Mikael at Redcross) and Fazlien send you their heartfelt thanks for your praying for Mikael and sending the prayer cloth to Redcross Hospital. It has been placed on Mikael whom, Doctors were planning to switch off the life support machines on Friday, 25th July at 1pm. Saudiqa begged the doctors not to switch off the machines. At 12h50, a new doctor walked in and fought for Mikael to be allowed to stay on the machines. This was agreed upon (1st miracle). On Sunday he celebrated his 1st birthday in the ward (2nd miracle). By Monday, doctors started proclaiming his life a miracle as his heart rate improved, by Tuesday they decided he was not off the danger list, but that he was definitely improving. (3rd miracle). Saudiqa wants you to know that the power of your prayer on the prayer cloth is what caused the miracle that keeps Mikael alive today. The family wants you to keep praying for him.

Blindness healed

Baby Mikael was at death’s door at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. He had blood clots which caused blindness but he can now can see. After prayer he is now a lively one and half year old and can say “Mamma”, he has started walking and has put on weight. What a mighty God we serve!

Knee healed

I hurt my knee last year during exercise and had problems ever since. On Tuesday when various people were prayed for I was too self conscious to also put my own situation out there. Anyway while she prayed I prayed for myself keeping my hand on the affected place and I can feel a huge improvement. Getting into and out of the bath used to be rather lengthy process because I could not bend my knees. Since Tuesday I am almost back to normal. The Presence, the Presence! Thank You Holy Spirit. You are the Healer!

Abdominal and back pain leaves

A young lady came for prayer to Quigney Healing Rooms with pain in her back and stomach. Shirley touched her hands with her finger tips and just allowed the power of God to flow through her. The woman, in disbelief, announced that all pain had left! Wow!

Vertigo disappears

A woman was prayed for who has had vertigo for MANY YEARS and had it constantly now for a few weeks. After prayer she could move her neck as never before and this morning she woke up with NO DIZZINESS! Thank You Jesus for the miracle!

Trauma & Pain healed in George

God rocked Shofar Church in George last night. A woman was sovereignly healed of many years of trauma. She felt layers of hurt and pain being peeled off and now feels completely different! A disfunctional knee that when bent, could not straighten, was healed and much pain left bodies. Franklin had a stroke, resulting in him mumbling his words. After laughing at the lie of not being able to speak he instantly started speaking audibly and clearly! Lord there is always such fun when You are around!

Heaviness leaves

A woman experienced exhilaration and she even looked radiant after prayer. She likened the prayer experience to an ‘Indian head massage’ where all the right places were massaged. The fact that she had access through Jesus, to the feelings of immense joy, a deep peace, lightheartedness and carefreeness, having no inhibitions was in such utter contrast to the responsibility of her life, the heaviness and sadness of depressing news of reality that she was experiencing. As the prayer servants placed their hands on her head and upper back to strengthen her back, she felt as if a steel brace was forcing her shoulders back, enabling her to stand more upright. She did not want the prayer experience to end. All glory goes to God.

Healing encounter

I have visited the Bay Healing Rooms a number of times and have always left feeling blessed with a word from God and a new touch of his presence that goes with me. In the last session we really felt the power of God. One of the members of the prayer team said that he could see the flames of fire burning up everything around me and the disease in my body. While I did not see these flames or experience the flames what I did experience was the power of God touching my very being. Another member of the team prayed with such authority that the disease leave my body, I believe God has the power to do to this. His word declares that by His striped we are healed. Knowing that there are others who believe with me and claim my healing strengthens my faith. I pray that God will bless and touch their lives as they bless those for whom they so faithfully pray for.

Bi Polar

During a Healing Service at God Adventure Church in East London a woman who suffered from Bi-Polar felt the peace of God passing through her whole body and believes she is healed! Thank You Jesus

Suicidal thoughts reversed

A man attended a Healing Service at God Adventure church had decided to take his life because he felt there was no God to help him. During the service God touched his heart and revealed Himself to this man. All thoughts of suicide left him when he felt God's love for him. He said ,'Now I know there is a God who loves me.'

Paralysed legs

Ayanda entered church not able to stand and left church able to stand and walk slowly!


During Healing Rooms Training in Cape Town last week, God sovereignly healed 5 bones in a woman's ankle. She got up for tea and could walk!


A man came into the healing rooms holding his arm and told us that he needed prayer for his elbow that had not healed after surgery.  It was stiff and he could lift his arm or wash himself.  After a short prayer he was asked to check his arm.  He could lift it above his head and fold his arms around himself.  He could even lift his arm above his head!  His whole countenance changed!


A man came for prayer who had had an X Ray revealing that he had a broken bone in his knee.  He could not bend his knee.  Nick touched his knee and prayed a simple prayer of faith and God did the rest.  His knee was 100% healed – no stiffness, no pain, no discomfort.  He subsequently gave his life to the Lord.


Body Healed

As we walked through the settlement at the garbage dump we saw a man sitting outside his house and invited him to the healing rooms.  He told us he was on his way to hospital as his body was “messed up”.  With great excitement we extended the invitation again, knowing what God had in store for him!  He obliged and within no time he walked out of the shack church, completely healed by the ultimate Healer!


A woman, involved in a car accident in 1977, has endured constant pain and discomfort in her hip.  After prayer she started dancing like a war dance, lifting her knees high and stomping her feet in thankfulness to her Healer! Amen


A teacher had had a headache for 2 weeks.  She indicated that it was in the centre of her head on top.  We thanked Jesus for taking our pain away on the Cross and with total amazement she pronounced that the pain was gone!


A woman had such excruciating toothache that she could hardly open her eyes. We told her that we are so happy that she brought the pain to us, because God will heal her!  We laughed at the pain, and within a moment of time the pain disappeared and her countenance changed.  God is so good!


Last week a lady came needing prayer for a damaged lung.  She had severe pain in her left lung and under her left breast.  We prayed for the pain.  All pain left her body and I saw her today, one week later and she is convinced that her lung is healed as she can now move her body in all directions with out any discomfort, which she certainly could not do prior to the prayer.  Hallelujah!

Witch Doctor

A man came for prayer saying he had had a stroke on the left side of his could not lift his left arm above his shoulder, his hand had no feeling and looked a bit spastic, his knee could not bend and his ankle was stiff and his left foot was hard and immobile.  His toes were scrunched up and could not relax or straighten. He also had pain in his joints. While praying he felt tremendous heat in his hand.  After prayer, all pain left his body, he could lift his arm above his head, his hand straightened and was normal, he could bend his knee freely, his ankle loosened, his foot softened and he could straighten his toes.  We made a big fuss and he thanked God for His goodness. He gave God the glory and duly told us that he is a witchdoctor.