Lame Man Walking

I saw a lame man walk. That was awesome!!! After prayer in Jesus name, he was helped up by 2 men, one on either side, then he started walking on his own, very slowly and very unsteadily, but he was WALKING!!! He came to a halt, his legs shaking, but still up straight. He needed to practice to strengthen his muscles. Wow, that was amazing!

Baby Healed

A baby was brought to me who was 6 years old, but physically looked no older than 4 months. He was totally paralysed from head to toe and a dead weight. I bent down and while his mother held him up under the arms, I prayed for God to heal this little child, starting with his legs. I spoke to God and reminded Him of all the paralytics who were walking, and pleaded with Him for life into those limbs, but nothing happened. I was crying, on my hands and knees, when God showed me that the mother had sin. I stood up and prayed for God to forgive her. That was very hard to see her walk away with her burden!

Post-nasal Drip

A woman had had a post-nasal drip and sore throat for 8 years. Her skin was dark and wrinkled. I laid my hand on her throat and asked for healing in Jesus name. She opened her eyes and told the interpreter that she was healed. Her whole countenance changed, her skin lightened and the wrinkled, anguished look disappeared. I saw her the next day she told me that she was healed.


There was a man sitting next to him, who was bent in half with age and arthritis and needed the aid of a walking stick to move about. Ronnie laid his hand on the man's back, while I placed my hand on his chest. As we prayed, I could feel his body straighten under my hand, till he was completely upright. Praise God.

Right Arm and Hand

Ronnie and I almost immediately went to a group of people who needed prayer. The first man was paralysed in his right arm and hand. We prayed, cutting all curses over his life and binding bondages, then prayed for a healing. Ronnie read Ezekiel 37 v 4, about the dry bones and we spoke life into that lame arm, massaging the hand and arm. Within no time life returned in the name of Jesus and he was able to lift his arm above his head and move his fingers normally.